Creative Director & Founder


Finance & Production Manager


Camera Coach & Communication

Julian Quentin is a filmmaker, concept designer and artist. He grew up in Zurich and on the Internet - like most representatives of his generation. There, between music videos, fashion and short films, he quickly discovered his fascination and his instinct for stories that tell with all senses.

When he's not on the set, in the office or studio, he's tinkering with electronic music or trying out new ice cream combinations.

Antonia enriches our team with her extensive experience as a film producer.
10 meter high guitars, big sets with dystopian worlds and a world premiere in Hollywood are among the highlights of her portfolio.
As a certified project manager and with her economic background from the financial sector, she skillfully uses her planning skills to realize your visions.

Larissa works as a voice-over artist for many of the largest Swiss companies (including Swisscom, Swiss Post and SBB). For years she has given companies a powerful and empathetic voice - and she does this not only through her eloquent expressiveness, but primarily through one thing: listening carefully.

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